Standard Features

ResQ Communications designed for tracking vehicle fleets, equipment, people, containers, and merchandise.

Real time Monitoring

The tracking product used in our installations is GSM/GPRS based packaged product which uses carrier services of Telenor/Zong. The device is configured for both SMS and GPRS types of communication modes which enables constant to & fro data transfer at all times. The location coordinates are updated by device in real time mode which is then depicted on the GIS system to pin point the geographical presence of asset with reference to landmarks. Through GPS satellites the exact location of Mobile asset is shown on the monitoring application and the same is recorded in database systems for report extractions and their pertinent analysis.

Nationwide Coverage

Our vehicle monitoring coverage is country wide in line with the GSM coverage of the carrier network. We also have the capability to restrict access to areas which have poor GSM exposure which is a preventive measure from possible risk.

Web Track Access

The unique feature of our product is the web track access for monitoring your own fleet. It’s a simple web based system which eliminates the need for any costly high end machine and/or typical software deployments. Through our web track access you have the ease to visualize your entire portfolio status at any given instant regardless of your location. All that is needed is an internet connection and a web browser. ResQ issues a specific user id and password through which you can login anytime, anywhere.

Personalized Geo-Fencing

Depending on customer requirement, we have the provision to create specific Geo zones or No-Go boundaries for restricted access in the absence of authorization. The geo zone are totally customizable as they can be tailored irrespective of the terrain geography or fixed shape of the zone creation thereby allowing more freedom in securing the mobile asset.

Fuel Monitoring

In order to monitor the vehicle’s fuel consumption and to prevent pilferage/fuel theft on pre-emptive basis, voltage based fuel sensor provide live fuel level indication remotely.

Door Sensor Monitoring

We employ industrial strength door sensors as depicted in the Picture which have the capacity to withstand wear and tear and continue operation under different environmental conditions. The door sensors are magnetic which ensures that alert generation is efficient. Multiple sensors can be installed in any given vehicle alerts of which are channeled through the device over to the central monitoring application.

Technical & On-Call Support

Our country wide offices have got trained technical staff which is capable to provide response at even short notices regardless the vehicle presence is on or off site. Our 24/7 call center is available to customers which provides immediate response to your queries and monitors the vehicle portfolio at all times. We have a team of 4 agents in a given shift which are trained and courtesy of our intelligent monitoring systems ensures your vehicle security round the clock. All calls are auto recorded and can be retrieved at any given instance for scrutiny. Our contact center is PRI based and has 30 lines to offer which coupled with our IVR based response system caters to every call

Mobile Based Application

We have designed all in one Mobile application to assist our clients for the monitoring of their assets on their fingertips. Full featured mobile application that can provide instant location, monitor events and provide history report of the vehicle.